The following are links to resources that may be of interest to teachers and students. The list represents only a sample; please contribute additional links.

Cooperative Cafe Videos

Cooperative Bibliography

Cooperative Library wiki, with abstracts of key publications

Cooperative Educational Programs

Cooperative College
Cooperative Learning Centre
Mondragón University
New University Cooperative
University of Puerto Rico
University of Victoria
University of Wisconsin
York University

Cooperative Education Instructors

[Instructors available to provide education or training services are invited to post their contact information here.]

John R. Whitman, Ph.D.

Worker Cooperative Legal Assistance

The Center for Community-Based Enterprise (C2BE)
The Center for Community-Based Enterprise (C2BE) provides legal, financial, product-development, marketing, self-management, and worker-ownership-conversion expertise to create living-wage jobs through worker ownership in any of its forms, particularly among historically underserved populations in Detroit.

Cooperative Associations and Funders


Canadian Cooperative Association
Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

Puerto Rico

Association of Cooperative Executives
Cooperative League of Puerto Rico
Corporation for the Support of Cooperatives
Fund for Cooperative Development

United States

Association of Cooperative Educators
Cooperation Works
Cooperative Development Institute
Cooperative Development Foundation
Cooperative Foundation
Cooperative Fund of New England
Cooperative Grocers’ Information Network
National Cooperative Business Association
National Cooperative Grocers’ Assocation
National Credit Union Foundation
National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives
North American Students of Cooperation
Ohio Ownership Employment Center
Ralph K. Morris Foundation
US Federation of Worker Cooperatives


Cooperatives Europe
International Cooperative Alliance
International Labor Organization
World Council of Credit Unions