Course Topics

The following course topics represent the sessions or classes indicated in the curriculum options (full semester, half-semester, workshop on cooperatives). These files may be updated from time to time by their authors. Feel free to contribute new topics or alternatives to those offered here. For this you may use the curriculum template file provided below.

Be sure all students in the United States are familiar with the
International Cooperative Alliance and the National Cooperative Business Association.

Introduction to the Course on Cooperatives, by John R. Whitman
Introduction to the Course-Whitman.pdf

Conceptual Framework, by John R. Whitman
Conceptual Framework-Whitman.pdf

Evolutionary and Historical Considerations, by John R. Whitman
Evolutionary and Historical Considerations-Whitman.pdf

Types of Cooperatives, by John R. Whitman
Types of Cooperatives-Whitman.pdf

An Introduction to Cooperative Financing Strategies, by Molly Jill Burress
Financing Strategies-Burress.pdf

How Equal Exchange Aligns Capital with Mission, by Daniel Fireside and Rodney North
EE-capital-May 2015.pdf

Financial Analysis of Cooperative Enterprises, by Margaret Lund
Financial Analysis-Lund.pdf *

Legal and Governance Considerations
See The Law of Cooperatives, by Autry and Hall (ABA, 2009), order from ABA or Amazon.
See also the Cooperative Law and Regulation Initiative (CLARITY):
Guidelines for Cooperative Legislation, third revised edition, by Hagen Henry
(International Labor Organization, 2012/1998):
Coop Legislation Guidelines.pdf

The Worker Cooperative Life Cycle: Equal Exchange, by John R. Whitman
The Worker Cooperative Life Cycle-Whitman.pdf

Worker Cooperatives, by Melissa Hoover

Worker Cooperative Values and Ownership Culture, by George Cheney and Ashley Hernandez

Producer Cooperatives

Purchasing Cooperatives

Shared Services Cooperatives

Consumer Cooperatives

Credit Unions, by Nancy Pierce

Housing Cooperatives, by Judy Sullivan

Health Cooperatives

International Cooperatives

Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives, by Margaret Lund
Multistakeholder Cooperatives - Lund.pdf

Cooperatives in the African American Experience, by Jessica Gordon Nembhard

See also:
“Cooperative Ownership in the Struggle for African American Economic Empowerment.” Humanity and Society, Vol. 28, No. 3, August 2004.

United States Department of Agriculture Rural Business– Cooperative Service. “Black Farmers in America, 1865-2000: The Pursuit of Independent Farming and the Role of Cooperatives.” USDA Rural Business– Cooperative Service RBS Research Report 194, 2003.

Cooperative Jobs and Opportunities, by Sarah Pike

Management Considerations, by John R. Whitman

Cooperatives and Unions, an interview:

Curriculum Template File
Curriculum Template.doc *